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Slate Roofs

Slate may be the most durable roof on the market today.  We have all seen pictures of medieval buildings with roofs that are hundreds of years old.  Yes!  Slate roofs can be safely and effectively cleaned.  We have cleaned many slate roofs with amazing results.  The primary benefit to cleaning slate is an ascetic one.  The slate is very durable and resists the elements well.


When cleaning slate, the primary concern after safety is to not damage the tiles.  Slate can be very brittle and it can break easily.  It is critical that you don't walk on the roof except in very limited areas.  Sometimes it is necessary to use a lift to clean the roof but not always.  Since slate has a lot of natural variations in its color,  the results of cleaning it can also vary.  We always recommend cleaning a test area to make sure that the results will be worth the investment for you.  


Often times, slate tiles have large iron deposits embedded in them, causing orange rust stains.  Cleaning slate will not remove these stains.  Please contact us if you have questions about cleaning slate or would like an estimate.

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