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What to expect when I have my roof cleaned


1.  We never pressure wash your roof.  We only use a small electric pump with very low oressure (60 psi) to apply the cleaner (Pressure washers go as high as 4,000 psi).  We also do not use a pressure washer to rinse the roof.  We use the pressure from your home’s outdoor water supply which is usually close to 50 psi.

2.  Our process is safe for your roof.  The cleaning process will not negatively affect the health of your roof.   The roof mataterial itself does not react to the algaecide used.

3.  Everything outside will get wet.  We use water on your landscape, porches and on occasion your structure.  This is to dilute any roof cleaning solution that may come in contact with these items due to overspray.  We do our best to only spray the roof, but by keeping everything rinsed before during and after, we help neutralize the effects of the cleaner on other surfaced.

4.  It may take one heavy rain for the roof to look completely clean.  We will rinse the roof when we finish, but in some cases with heavy staining, there may be some residual coloration from the cleaning solution.  Everything we use is water soluble, and will dissolve with rain.  It is important to note that we retreat for free for a period of two years after your initial treatment if there is any staining.


5.  We are only treating your roof for stains caused by organic build up.  Any discoloration caused by paint, rust, or mismatched shingles cannot be corrected by our process.  We always try to point out areas that are affected by these other stains prior to work being started.


6.  Moss and lichen take time to go away.  Our process will treat all organic growth on the roof.  But since  moss and lichen have rooted into the shingle, it takes time for them to disintegrate.  Both moss and lichen are bad for the roof.  Sometimes, after they disintegrate, there will be bare spots on the roof.  This is not from the cleaning process, but damage that the moss and lichen had already caused.


7.  Your landscape will be protected.  On rare occasions, some plants may have minor burning on leaves similar to stress from summer heat.  The plants can be pruned as needed and will recover fully.  


8.  Grass around downspouts may also be stressed.  We do our best to collect runoff, however, especially in summer heat, residual chemical may  be reactivated by rainwater and cause stress to areas of grass around downspouts.  We recommend regular watering of these areas.​

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