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Cedar Shake Roofs

Without a doubt, Cedar Shake roofs are the most difficult to clean.  Cedar roofs have multiple elements to battle.  UV damage, organic growth like moss, lichen, algae and mildew, and rot are a few of the most common challenges.  But there is good news.  If cedar roofs are treated properly, it is possible to restore their beautiful cedar tone color and extend their life.  Not all cedar roofs are candidates for cleaning and treating.  Feel free to contact us for a free assessment and estimate.  

The longer you wait on treating a cedar roof, the less likely it will be a candidate for treatment.  Also, cleaning and treating your cedar roof does more than improve it's appearance.  It significantly extends it's life!  Unlike Asphalt roofs, cedar roofs must first be pressure washed.  Each shake is individually washed to remove uv damage and organic buildup.  Once the roof has been completely cleaned, we apply a cedar treatment which restores the natural oils to the wood, helping it to retain its color, as well as protecting the wood from uv damage and rot.

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